Friday, July 8, 2011

Nom de plume

I guess it's time to drop the big name is not really Ralph. And my surname is not really Dodger.

In the finest showbiz tradition, I've used this nom de plume as the name my mother saddled me with is much less interesting.....David. Which just happened to be the most popular name for Australian babies in the year I was born - and an act my mother repeated two years later when my brother was born! Can you imaging my pain and anguish, attempting to eke out an existence as an original and alternative entity when saddled with the most common name in the whole motherfucking universe?

Thanks mum!

I mention this now as now as it may help with some of the following posts......

I should also mention that around this time we dropped the "Curl" from our name to become simply "Lucid Ocean".  We toyed with the idea of being "The Lucid Ocean" until we realised that most of our peers on the Adelaide scene also used "The" in their names. Within the bands inner sanctum we continued to refer to ourselves as either "The Curl" or "Lucio Ocean" - a name we intended to use in Italy!

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