Monday, July 18, 2011

February 1992 - Rip it Up magazine


  1. Well, this post was pretty easy for you to type up. I take it that the person who wrote this version of "Local Lowdown" wasn't present at the aforementioned Big Ticket gig?

    I notice the word "The" is missing from your band name. Was it officially dropped at this point and the band was now being billed as simply Lucid Ocean, which to me, sounds so much better anyway?

  2. Thanks once again to my single reader, Oxy!

    The "Local Lowdown" was from Rip It Up magazine, whereas the review of the gig was from dB magazine. I should have made this clearer in the original posts (now corrected).

    So I doubt the "Local Lowdown" was written by the same person.

    The general consensus was that we played well at the Big Ticket. But we were well below the standard that I set for ourselves.

    We never used "The" in our name. It was originally "Lucid Ocean Curl", then shortened to "Lucid Ocean". As I mentioned in a previous post, we toyed with the idea of using "The" in the title until we realised that most of our peers used it.

  3. Yeah, I remember reading where you dropped Curl (good move) and decided that just plain Lucid Ocean was a decent band name, but in a post after that, when you played with The Suedeheads, your band name on the poster says "The Lucid Ocean." That's what threw me. I figured the band was going by both names - not caring if the "The" was used or not. If I'm to be your unofficial historian, I need to get these little details accurate!

  4. Well spotted Oxy - I didn't even realise myself that we used "The" in the flyers for the Astor gig! Wayne made those flyers, so maybe it was his way of telling the rest of the band he wanted to use "The" in our name.

    As for being our unofficial historian, you can have the "official" title if you want. But I'll have to show you the secret handshake!

  5. What makes me think that the secret handshake doesn't involve me shaking your hand?

  6. I'm not going to give away a trade secret, but to put your mind at ease - it's not the Liverpudlian kiss!