Thursday, July 14, 2011

13th December 1991 - Le Rox

Black Friday.

Well, not exactly. It was something of a minor miracle that we actually played this gig. No one was sure if there was going to be a band around to play it. But we weathered the storm, and hopefully this will provide some sort of turning point.

We were meant to be playing with Just Kidding. However, they pulled out, and Le Rox, god bless their cotton socks, decided to make it into a 5-band thingy, without telling us, with us, The Suedeheads, The Millards, The Daisy Heads and The Happy Patch. Le Rox got our name wrong again, calling us Lucid Ocean Curl, which I guess is better than Weird Ocean Curl of Lucio whatever! We only found out that The Happy Patch were in fact Wintermind (Wayne's old band) on our last rehearsal before the show. It made me sit up and think, although I was probably more pleased than upset about that, although I was feeling both those emotions. Because of the unrest, we played the same songs we played for our last two shows. I had double my normal number of guests, getting Paulus (my brother) and Philbert (see earlier posts!) in addition to Deb (sister) and Michelle (sister's friend. As an aside, I still hadn't invited any of my "non music" friends to a gig at this because I didn't consider we good enough!) 

As we put l0 pm as our start time on the flyers, we organised to play at l0 pm, making us the first band on.

The setlist was:

Said August
Time spent
Darkest Lightest Day
All one moment
This Peaceful place

We did Said August in soundcheck, and I totally fucked the lead bit at the end. So I was horrified at having to start with it, but we played it pretty cool. Then the first drama. Andrew, as always, decided to introduce the next song with me still to get the appropriate effect ready. I didn't come in until way after I was meant to. I actually enjoyed playing Time Spent this time, but I'd still rather not do it! Led was cool as usual. I played DLD a bit differently, but it still didn't really work. It definitely needs to be altered. Haunt was cool, except I managed to brake my top E on the last note! Which meant I had to use the dreaded Ricky (Rickenbacker) for the rest of the set. As I hadn't played it for about a month I'd completely forgotten how to play it. As a result I stuffed All One Moment up a bit, but I don't think many people would have realised. TPP was OK. I was reasonably happy with it. We got some good reactions, with some bird who organises Le Rox gigs saying we could headline next time, and Tim from the Mandelbrots (The Mandelbrot Set) asking if we'd like to play with them in January.

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