Sunday, July 17, 2011

15th January 1992 - The Big Ticket - Supporting The Mandelbrot Set

The biggie, and as far as I was concerned, the baddie. I wasn't feeling that great beforehand, and coupled with a few other things, meant I put in a shocker. I don't really know how everyone else felt as I left pretty much as soon as we had finished.

We overkilled on lighting effect. As the Mandelbrots had their customary white backdrop we decided to use slides. We had a slide for every song, mostly marine shots, with one that Andrew and I found in the library of a cyclone. We tried it out at rehearsal on Monday, but the projector jammed a few times. Thus we didn't know if we should change slides, just using the same slide for everything. I don't know what we eventually did as I was to busy playing to notice. We also had a bubble machine, and eight scanner lights. This was in addition to the lights already there, which would have been adequate. Thus we wasted plenty of dosh (money). The bubble machine was pretty piss weak!

We didn't get a soundcheck, so it was basically a minute stuffing around to check the sound and then into it. Right away I realised I was too quiet, as was confirmed later when our mixer Simon said he had me up full on the desk, and he didn't even have Wayne going through it. My guitar was totally out of tune after about three songs, so I thinked I subconciously gave up. I remember thinking for the first time that Led was boring. In Said August I completely stuffed up the lead bit, and Haunt was disgraceful.

The songlist was:

This peaceful place
Jupiter Girl
Circle she is
Said August

In TPP I was too heavy handed and couldn't pick the notes properly. JG went quite well, except Andrew came into the chorus too early, but got out of it OK. CSI I don't really know, I couldn't hear a thing I played in it. Led just seemed boring and too long. SA was pretty awful. Sunday came out relatively unscathed, but by that time I was just disinterested. Haunt was bloody terrible. I improvised heaps, and it didn't work but I didn't care. To make matters worse, as I left the side of the stage I went ass up. What an appropriate ending.

Afterwards I just loaded my gear into the car and left. Some Mandelbrot hanger onner said we were good, and said he liked Circle, but I just couldn't bring myself to say anything to him. I just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible!

I subsequently found out we got ripped off again. Apparently the Mandelbrots were given $200 for both bands. Their manager reckoned we were not entitled to any of it. But Andrew and Wayne pestered him, and we got $60 in the end, with the Mandelbrots claiming they didn't know what was going on, like they did all the time before the gig when we requested info about it.

I think I have managed to cause aggro again, as a result of my early departure.....


This gig resulted in our first mention in the local music magazine dB. Hardly a glowing endorsement. And this was not the only time we were linked to Ned's Atomic Dustbin - unfortunate (for me), as I felt Ned's were possibly the worse band in the universe!


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