Thursday, July 21, 2011

5th June 1992 - Le Rox

The general consensus of our supporters after this gig was that Lucid Ocean have arrived! Everything about this gig was more professional than any I remember. During the week we had this guy Andrew takes performance lessons from come and give us some hints. Things like looking out into the audience to communicate. His friend Caroline is a lighting tech, so we got her to do the lights. Our sound guy Peter made some tapes that we used as song intros and outros. It probably helped also that we weren't the first band on, for a change. It certainly made me feel a bit more significant!

Our set list was:

Darkest lightest day
Said August
This peaceful place
Autumn color haze
Jupiter Girl
Circle she is

It was probably our best musical performance as a whole. We came on to the sounds of seagulls and crashing waves. After a while I came in with the DLD fade in. I imagine it would have sounded really cool. DLD went quite well, considering I was pretty nervous about starting off with it because of all the pedal changes (I had to hit three pedals in two seconds!). Haunt was really good, the best I remember us playing it. SA was good, and I let my guitar feedback at the end while Wayne came in with the opening of Led, which was good also. I didn't really enjoy TPP, although I can't quite put my finger on it. Guitarwise it doesn't really do much, though.

Flood worked like a dream. We were a bit apprehensive about doing it (as it was quite new), but it just flowed out nicely, suiting the atmosphere of the place perfectly. We then had a tape of playground noises, to which Wayne started ACH. It didn't really work this time (again, a quite new song), it was just a little loose, but still quite good. JG isn't really working at the moment, and again, I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe its just a little too fast. Waterfall was quite reasonable, although I bollocksed up the start. CSI ditto. Although I had an excuse this time. We had pink noise before the start, and I didn't hear Wayne start! We had lots of sound effects when we left the stage, also.

Under instruction, I spent alot of my time looking out into the audience. It definitely helped, it was sort of uplifting! Unfortunately, the strobe we were to use blew in the first song! There was a comment that the lights were too bright, and not aggressive enough in the more uptempo moments, like CSI. This was probably partly due to the strobe, and the fact that it was Caroline's first attempt. Everything was really positive afterwards, and there was the definite feeling that we have reached a new level, and that things could get better from here on in.

A gig that will be fondly remembered!

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