Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2nd May 1992 - Gordon's 21st party

The period from February through May was a slow period for the band. We had trouble getting shows, but we were slowly and surely improving our songs and performance. So when the chance came to play a 21st birthday party for a good friend of mine we accepted it..... 

Gordon asked us to play at his 21st party. He had to move the date for us to do it. I thought it would be a good experience, and a good opportunity to video ourselves to see what we look like. It was a bit of a failure on both counts. Wayne wasn't feeling to good, Andrew didn't want to do it because he didn't think much of the crowd (from memory he labelled them bogans!), and the video wasn't rewound so only 2.5 songs fitted on. I watched it when I got home. It looks OK.

Since it wasn't a crowd who came to see a band we were never going to get a great response. In fact, after one song, there was just deadly silence - and I thought we played that song well! (I cant remember which song it was though).

Our set list was:

This peaceful place
Jupiter girl
Darkest lightest day
All one moment
Said August
Circle she is

I insisted we start with Haunt, as I am sick of TPP as an opener. It sounded a bit lame, and there were a few bad stuff-ups. Waterfall went really well. Led ditto. Andrew didn't sing the bit on the end that I don't really think works. I don't know if thats a permanent change or what. TPP went well. In Jupiter girl, Wayne missed out the old start bit after the second chorus. It sounded OK though, except it went on faaaaaaar too long. The start of DLD sounded really fab, then I stuffed up the first pedal change. It didn't sound to bad though. All one moment was a total fuck-up. Mark didn't go into the slow bit after the second chorus, and went into the slow bit at the end too soon. I fucked up Sunday, I totally forgot where I was, not that anyone would have realised. By this stage I was going through the motions! Said August was not too bad, and Circle was OK, although I stuffed up a few times. At the end of it I put my delay pedal on and let the guitar feedback. A good way to end the set.

Overall, I thought it was worthwhile. Talking to Paul (my brother) afterwards, most people liked the music, but not the singing (a common response at the time - but I was too pigheaded to listen). A few people liked it all though. I feel a little better after doing it, in terms of experience. I also felt it was a really good song order, in terms of mood-swings and stuff. TPP and Jupiter girl together is priceless!


The thing I remember most about this night was that the party was in a nightclub that Gordon's parent had hired exclusively for the night. Andrew arrived at the party and went to the bar to order what he assumed would be a free drink. When the barman tried to charge him he made a scene. I was at home watching TV when Andrew called up and started abusing me, and threatening not to do the gig. So I had to rush to the gig to save the day! When I got there Gordon's mum thrust $100 into my hands to cover our bar tab. Made me feel like a real cheapskate! And just another of the straws that would break this camels back later in the year....

I'm surprised I neglected to diarise this at the time. Maybe this was because it wasn't such an unsual occurence?

Another interesting thing about this show is that someome who was to become a good friend five or so years was also at this party - hello Stephen if you're reading this!

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