Friday, July 8, 2011

24th November 1991 - Astor Hotel

This was a gig that Mark organised. The manager wanted us to play for 90 minutes. Since we only have 45 minutes of stuff we like, we had to get another band to play with us. We tried to get The Always, but they wouldn't do it. So we got The Suedeheads to do it. Wayne produced some cool looking flyers which I put up around Uni. The Suedeheads played a mixture of covers and originals, which I didn't really think much of.

We decided to change the song order around a fair bit. The set we played was as follows:

This peaceful place
Darkest, lightest day
All one moment
Time spent
Said August

I wasn't really very happy with it. I fucked up Haunt a fair bit, but I don't think anyone would have really noticed. I screwed up DLD again, not as badly as the last gig though. I thought we were probably better than the last gig, but still not good enough.

The reaction was generally favourable. I got Deb (my sister) to tape the gig, and I listened to it when I got home. Although it was a shit recording, it sounded really alive and vibrant, and I was pretty surprised. It made me feel a whole lot better. It is interesting at the start as Andrew introduces Haunt, when I'm
still getting my gear together. You can hear me yell out "hold on" a few times! And then at the start of "TPP" it happened again, and he said we'd play it when "Dave gets his shit together!" This time, we didn't get ripped off. But we still made a loss. We are now in debt by $10! We only made $84 on the door, when the PA cost $100, and we had to pay for our mixer, an associate of Mark's who we laughed about at the last
gig because of his appalling dress sense!


The main thing I remember about this gig as that we all turned up wearing white T-shirts. It unfortunately made it look like it was a conscious decision - like we were the Beach Boys or something!

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