Saturday, July 16, 2011

10th January 1992 - Le Rox

Because 5MMM had finally got around to playing our demo masterpiece "Haunt" we were very conscious of trying to impress, as we thought that some people may have heard the demo and come to check us out. Plus it had got some pretty encouraging reactions from the DJ's. However, we were not really pleased to be playing this gig because of the way Le Rox have stuffed us around in the past, and were only doing it to get the money to hire some decent lights for our big show next Wednesday. The combination of all these things, plus an incident immediately before we started meant that as a band, we probably played our worst gig. It just so happened however, that we were playing to the biggest audience we had ever played to.

As noone else wanted to soundcheck, we went through four songs. It felt really groovy, and we were raring to go. However, as we were onstage getting ready to play, the fuckwit DJ stops the music and we are left on stage, just standing there, with Mark not even at his kit, and none of our amps turned on. That freaked me out. For the first song I was a wreck, and I really thought I was going to lose it, big-time. I got through the song OK, and then relaxed, and enjoyed the rest of it. We got our first heckler! Said something like "Lift the tempo". Andrew retaliated quickly with "Put down your bottle", and then later, when we did lift the tempo, said "This is for the guy that yelled out earlier".

As we were playing with Capital F, it was our first gig in front of any moronic thrash types, so I guess it was bound to happen. We were going to play a ten song set, but due to no one being entirely happy with DLD, and the fact we have all grown to detest "Time spent", we did our customary 8 songs, with two newies.

The set was:

Said August
All one moment
Jupiter girl
This peaceful place
Circle she is

Definitely our best set yet. Although I don't think JG is that hot, Circle is cool from the point of view that it opens an entirely new direction both in a guitar sense and a song sense. The high pitched distorted sound blends well with the clean sound, and also adds a bit of aggression. I can't wait to start combining the two in songs, something I am just starting to try. Both the newies went down well. Carelessness meant I botched up the sounds in Haunt and TPP, but they probably both survived anyhow. At the end of Led, we did a U2 walk-off which I don't think really worked. We planned to do it on Wednesday too, but I am going to push not to do it. All one moment was its usual servicable self, the last surviving of the "thrown together" songs.

We only got 24 people in, as none of us really bothered distributing tickets. But it meant we made $82 when we took out our stand-in mixer Simon's money out. The general consensus was he did a good job. I like him better than Peter, so would probably prefer that he continued, which he may well. We got Andrew's friend Mark to do the lights. I thought he did alright, although he was less than impressed with his performance. Mark, Wayne and myself parked around the back where the gear is loaded in. We all manged to get $33 fines - a fitting epitaph!

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