Sunday, June 26, 2011

August 1991

[Back to the diaries. Again, as a reminder, the diary entries are posted verbatim, except for grammatical corrections. Additional bracketed notes in italics have been added for clarification.] 
Our first proper performance at a 21st birthday party for a friend of Wayne’s. By “proper”, I mean we knew in advance we were going to do it more than a few hours in advance, unlike the Hamish arranged scenario (I have no idea what I'm referring to here!). I was heaps nervous. The setlist was

This peaceful place
Song for someone
Mystic Road
Darkest, Lightest day
All one moment
Time Spent

My overall impression was that we were going through the motions, as it sounded crappy. My right index finger was bleeding as it kept hitting the strings when I was picking (suffering for my art?!). We played “Close” and Mystic Road  (Manchester influenced nonsense) for the last time in this sort of format – we will only do them again if we do any acoustic shows. “Time Spent” (yet more Manchester influenced nonsense) got the biggest cheer, but it is basically just energy and no substance. “All one moment” wasn’t really finished, but we played it anyway. The other songs were basically OK. Most people I spoke to later said they liked it. It was OK, but the real good was that we actually got out and played. Bitchin!

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