Wednesday, June 29, 2011

13th October 1991 - Le Rox - The First Gig!

First gig! We had a meeting last Saturday to come up with a name. We didn't. So Andrew had to come up with a name in half an hour on the following Monday. He came up with "Lucid Ocean Curl". At first I thought he said "lurid", which pissed me right off! But "Lucid Ocean Curl" it was.

We got to LeRox at about sixish, and waited for The Violets to soundcheck. My immediate thought was that they were heaps better than us, and I got a bit panicky. We did the soundcheck, doing This Peaceful Place, Led and DLD (aka Darkest, Lightest Day) as I remember. I got down off the stage for DLD and was horrified about how shit it sounded. As we didn't have a mixer, we used the in-house guy who obviously didn't give a shit about what we sounded like.

So I went on a bit apprehensive, but the gig was cool.

Our setlist was:

This peaceful place
All one moment
Song for someone
Darkest, lightest day
Time spent

It went well. Probably this was due to the fact that the audience (all 50 or so) were so far away that it wasn't much different from a rehearsal. We played pretty tightly, and didn't really fuck up at all. Andrew gave some cool in between song raps, and overall it was pleasing. The response from people was pretty good, mostly of surprise that we came across so good and professional. Got completely and utterly pis sed afterwards and didn't really watch any of the other bands (Lifeform, The Violets, Neptune Lolly Shoppe, Pleasure principle). A good night in all....

Except for the fact we got ripped off. We were meant to get $100, plus 50c for every ticket that someone gave at the door with our name on it. As we had only got the passes in the week of the gig, we didn't have time to give them out to everyone we wanted. So Teresa (Wayne's partner) stood outside the door and gave them to people who she told to come, but didn't have time to give the passes too. When she got in, the doorbitch said we wouldn't make anything from the door and accused her of giving them out to anybody, which she wasn't. In the end, we got $117.5, i.e. 35 peoples worth, when I reckon we got more than that. We had to take out $25 for the mixer, and was meant to give $50 to the guy who did the lights. But we didn't. We thought we were only going to make $25, so we figured what was the point. But I decided that I might as well get what we were entitled to, and ended up with $97.50. The lighting guy is probably pissed off! We assumed Le Rox would pay him, but as it turned out, we were meant to pay him. So we've probably made our first enemy.....


  1. "spine" tingling stuff, Ralph. Seriously, keep it coming. I really am rather enjoying this.

  2. On a related note, I almost fell of my chair when I saw that the word verification letters for the last post were v-a-g-n-i-a!

  3. Thanks for the comments Oxy. Glad you are enjoying it - it gives me enthusiasm to keep going. As for v-a-g-n-i-a - if only you were dyslexic!