Monday, June 27, 2011

15th September 1991

Our first rehearsal in a decent room! Rehearsed at Tony Nesci’s studio. He has a great PA and recording equipment. He played us Tease and Paradise Interchange (local Adelaide bands) demos he recorded there, and they sounded great. He told us how to set up and everything, which pissed us of because we’re quite capable of doing that ourselves! We played a few songs without even getting the levels right, and Tony said we were as good as The Mandelbrot Set (local Adelaide band that had just signed to Australian indie label RooArt). He also said we were a “proper” band that weren’t competing with each other. We were well chuffed! I recorded most of the rehearsal on my portable tape recorder and listened to it later – we sounded good, probably the best we ever have.

Got “TGP” (aka “Translucent green pyramids”, a reference to the appearance, color and shape of some E doing the rounds in Adelaide at the time!) kicked into shape (a comment I find somewhat surprising, since this was just an instrumental jam that we never seriously contemplated playing live). Did our other newbie, “Haunt”.  Took us a while to get it together but I think it’s probably our best song (an assessment I still agree with - atmospheric (dare I say haunting?) with a great dance groove). We did the set we plan to play at out first show at Le Rox (local Adelaide venue) in just under a month. The reason we’re doing it now is because Wayne will be away for a while before the show, so we’ll only have a few more rehearsals before the show. I’m happier with my guitar sound now.

Started two newbies, “Closet”, which is based around a bass riff. I don’t really think it will cut it (which turned out to be the case – as I’ve got no idea what I’m referring to here!) but….and a song using the old “Close” lyrics which Andrew wants to call “My spine” – but I’m trying to convince him to change it, as it recalls  a comedy sketch I heard recently that mentioned that “spine” is an anagram of “penis” in three different languages!

We talked about doing a demo. It will cost $300 to record over a weekend, and another $200 to digitally master. We plan to use the money we make from gigs to put towards it (how naïve was I - thinking we were going to make money!).

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