Thursday, September 22, 2011

Studio recordings - November 1991

As promised, here's some more material.....a studio session we did with our sometime soundman/manager Peter, who managed to wrangle some free studio time over two nights at a studio he had some association with.

I don't remember much about the session, other than Peter and his assistant were shocked at how quiet I had my guitar amp! I had a Roland JC-120 at the time, and I was after a clean sound. I found that if I turned the volume up to high the sound started to distort.

We kept this recording to ourselves as we felt it sounded a bit lackluster and didn't capture our "live" sound. Listening to it now, I can see what we were thinking, but it doesn't sound to bad.

This recording features two songs from demo's I've posted previously, Haunt and This Peaceful Place. The latter sounds almost identical to the demo version, while the latter is again pretty similar, although I played my Rickenbacker on this version rather than my stratocaster.

This recording also features two songs which I considered to be two of our best songs: Led and Said August. However, they aren't necessarily the best representations of the songs. It was a very early version of Said August, and has a poor mix - the guitar solo at the end is barely audible! And Led has a few skips in it for some reason.

It also features another track Sunday, a song we played at our first few gigs, but which was discarded as we wrote new and better songs.

01. This Peaceful Place
02. Sunday
03. Haunt
04. Led
05. Said August

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  1. Not bad! Your singer sounds like a young Michael Stipe, but without the tonal quality or the ability to stay on key, but it works at times. My major complaint is that the guitar work is barely audible. Were you in such a rush when you recorded these, that you never listened to the tapes?

    You had some real nice axes!... unfortunately, 'had' being the operative word here. I shouldn't bitch. My guitar is within sight (on a stand) with a t-shirt and pair of shorts hanging on it. If I simply strummed it, I fear how out of key it would probably sound.

    Your band certainly had some promise, at least musically speaking.