Thursday, August 4, 2011

September 1992 - dB magazine

Change of's our first article from dB magazine. As you can tell from the interview, we didn't take it very seriously.

The photo was taken from a photo session we did in a forest. I think there were around 100 photos taken. God knows why we selected this one - maybe it had the right "atmosphere".

That's me second from right. My partner cannot look at this photo - she thinks I look "gay"! She prefers my more "manly" current sheared look!


  1. I hope not. Band breakup tales are among the best, as egos and past transgressions always tend to surface, erupting wildly in uncontrolled hissy fits of major proportions. But to be perfectly honest, I'm still eagerly awaiting the tales of sex and drugs that you mentioned under your blog header. ... and they had better not be about you taking an aspirin and an extended solo visit to the loo, if you get my drift!

  2. By the way, your partner was right! ;-)